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5 Festivals To Explore In Costa Rica

You may look forward to festivals such as Mardi Gras, Coachella, Oktoberfest, and the Day of the Dead every year, but are you curious about what festivals that other countries celebrate?

Costa Rica, for example, is an attractive country for natives and tourists alike, as millions of people from around the world travel to stay in this tropical nation for periods at a time. Whether tourists want to relax on a sandy beach, tee off on an exclusive golf course, or go sightseeing in an exotic rainforest, Costa Rica provides attractions and excitement that other parts of the world cannot compare with.

The country of Costa Rica celebrates about 17 different festivals per year, and there is at least one festival every month, so you can fly to Costa Rica at any time of year and expect a festival to occur just around the corner. Here are 5 annual festivals in Costa Rica that may intrigue you.

Fiestas Típicas Nacionales Santa Cruz Guanacaste

Fiestas Típicas Nacionales Santa Cruz Guanacaste is celebrated in honor of Santo Cristo de Esquipulas in the month of January. The celebrations include the “Tope Típico Nacional” (crowded parade of horsemen) and traditional bullrings, with the rustic, with spurs sliding to pretal two turns; the bull is handled with leather cowhide in hand. This festival also features a comical take of bullfighting, known as the Toros a la Tica.

Fiestas de los Diablitos

Translating to “Festival of the Little Devils”, Fiestas de los Diablitos takes place is two different months: February and December. Held in both Boruca and Rey Curre, the performers of this festival wear festive masks and customers, acting out an entertaining battle between the diablitos and Spanish troops, called the toros. The men take part in this battle, while the women provide food and drink to spectators. Think of it as a war reenactment, but more entertaining. Later that night, spectators get to enjoy a dazzling fireworks show.

Semana Santa

Costa Rica celebrates Easter like no other country. From Thursday to Sunday of the Easter week, natives and tourists celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus the Lord. While many churches across Costa Rica celebrate this holiday, you can find the most outlandish of celebrations in the capital of San Jose. The spectators in San Jose can enjoy parades, music, theater and food during this day-long occasion.

Limón Carnival

The most colorful of festivals in Costa Rica takes places in one of the autumn months. Located in Puerto Limón, a port city that is east of San Jose, this is the opportunity for tourists to get a more traditional taste of Costa Rica. Enjoy authentic foods, parades, music, and dancing at this annual, yet one of a kind event. The Limón Carnival lasts about one week, celebrating Christopher Columbus’ arrival to this port in 1502, during his historic voyage.

Envision Festival

A modern take on Woodstock, the Envision Festival is a celebration of art, music, and humanity. Taking place on the beaches of Uvita, the Envision Festival provides crowds of people with entertaining musical concerts and performances, with secondary activities including yoga retreats, surfing competitions, and arts and crafts. This festival provides a fun and complete social experience, and takes place for a few days each year in late February. You can stay in a lavish resort at Flamingo Beach Costa Rica.

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