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  • July 10, 2022

Let´s explore the Guanacaste coastline and catch the morning sun!

When visiting Costa Rica´s favorite Golden Coast or Guanacaste, you are guaranteed lots of white-sand beaches, refreshing swims in the turquoise colored waters, friendly Costa Rican hospitality and an impressive variety of boutique and global hotel-chain resorts. It also has some great opportunities to put your adventure-cap on and enjoy the water and the land. Lazy Lizard Catamaran is just one of those adventure so let´s explore the Guanacaste coastline and catch the morning sun!

Lazy Lizard Sailing is the best sailing experience to explore the hidden inlets and deserted beaches of the Guanacaste coast around the spectacular Flamingo Beach. Start your morning tour around the bays, inlets, beaches, and coastline and enjoy the beautiful scenery, the great service and lots of opportunities to jump overboard and see what is going on below the water.

Let´s see what the Lazy Lizard Sailing Morning Tour is all about!

1. What time does the tour start?

The morning tour begins at 8:30pm and leaves from the recently opened, Flamingo Marina, the newest state-of-the-art marina to grace the Costa Rican coasts. In its early stage of development still, the Flamingo Marina is projected to become a very important epicenter for growth and progress for the region and Lazy Lizard Sailing is already onboard!

The four hours include sailing time around the beautiful
                                    Guanacaste coast

2. How long does the tour last?

The morning tour will have you on the water for four hours so come prepared for a morning of adventure on the high seas. The sun will be shining, and it is a great time to do lots of marine life spotting too.

The four hours include sailing time around the beautiful Guanacaste coast where guests can enjoy spotting beaches, beachside towns, lots of birds and other aquatic animals too. There will be ample time to snorkel, kayak or just lay back on the catamaran and get some valuable Vitamin C and D thanks to the tropical sun that is a constant companion during the tour.

3. Is this tour recommendable for children?

The Lazy Lizard Morning Catamaran Tour is absolutely recommendable for children. They could well be our guests that most enjoy this fantastic tour on the water. As is expected, all safety precautions are taken with our younger sailors, but they have lots of fun on the catamaran and in the water.

A morning catamaran tour is a really fun family activity as all ages enjoy the ride and the experience. It also caters to the adventurers who can explore the ocean while in the water and the chill-outers who prefer to just relax on the catamaran and embrace the moment. Parents can be at ease that the children will not only have a lot of fun, but their safety will also always be top priority.

The morning tour is 4 hours of fun, relaxation, food, drinks, and excellent service
                                    on and off board.

4. What does the tour include?

The morning tour is 4 hours of fun, relaxation, food, drinks, and excellent service on and off board. Leaving at 8:30am, the catamaran begins to glide over the water offering fantastic sight-seeing opportunities of the coastline dotted with beaches. You will be taken to a special spot for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. This is one of the many highlights of the tour and a great time to have a splash and feel the water.

After a delicious dip or row in the pristine ocean water, it will be time to refuel your energy for the ride back with a refreshingly tasty tropical midday meal including fresh fruits, salads, wraps, cold cuts, tacos and sweets. This varying range of tropical, Costa Rican-inspired dishes will accompany you with the fantastic ride back to land. Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options are also available so let Lazy Lizard Sailing know!

Lazy Lizard Sailing can also assist with the transfer to the Flamingo Marine for a number of nearby hotels and pick-up spots. When making your reservation, let them know and coordinate the ride there.

Explore the Guanacaste with Lazy Lizard

5. What animals can I see?

Welcome to the land of the wild! Whether you are on the land or the sea, Costa Rica will be full of animal-viewing opportunities. Your Lazy Lizard Sailing Morning Tour won´t be the exception either. The chances of spotting turtles, manta rays, dolphins, fish, and birds are very probable so keep your cameras handy at all times!

During some times of the year, the northern and southern Humpback Whales travel along the Costa Rica Pacific coast. The warm, protected tropical waters of Costa Rica are the perfect breeding, birthing and nurturing grounds for these globe swimmers and they spend months feeding, playing, and gaining strength before they return to the Artic and Antarctic summers. Catching a glimpse of a huge fin, a calf or even a breaching whale will be unforgettable!

Lazy Lizard Sailing´s Morning Tour is the perfect way to start your Guanacaste day. Sun, sea, relaxation, water sports and lots of fun make for a fabulous day on the ocean. The morning tour sets sail every day so make your reservation today!