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  • Oct 12, 2022

5 Facts about the Nicoya Peninsula

Lazy Lizard Sailing experience is located on Costa Rica´s premium Gold Coast. This beautiful part of the world is on the Nicoya Peninsula, which borders the Pacific Ocean. Based out of a Flamingo Beach and the newly opened Flamingo Marina, Lazy Lizard Sailing is close to Tamarindo, Conchal, and Hacienda Pinilla, making access to this fun morning or afternoon on the water easy. This peninsula is full of possibilities, but what do you know about it? Let´s discover 5 facts about the Nicoya Peninsula.

Lazy Lizard Sailing is a great option for all ages during a visit to the Nicoya Peninsula. Conveniently located at Flamingo Beach, enjoy a morning or afternoon sunset tour in the comfort of a modern catamaran that will take you around the coastline. You can also do some snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, wildlife watching, and seriously relax during your sea travels on the Lazy Lizard.

The Nicoya Peninsula is worth visiting thanks to its diversity of landscapes and activities to enjoy. From the highest volcanic mountains to the north to the surfing hotspots to the south, the Nicoya Peninsula is diverse, full of adventure, and a favorite for many. Let´s learn 5 Facts about the Nicoya Peninsula!

The 9 characteristics that the Blue Zones have in common. Image by Blue Zones
                                The 9 characteristics that the Blue Zones have in common. Image by Blue Zones

1. Blue Zone

Nicoya is one of the 5 Blue Zones of the world. What is a Blue Zone? Basically, there are 5 places in the world that have been identified where people live the longest and are the healthiest. They are Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece; and Loma Linda, California.

While these 5 communities are in different parts of the world, they all have nine characteristics in common that lead to happier, healthier, and longer lives. They move, have a purpose, downshift, they apply the 80% rule, which means they stop eating at 80%, eat beans, are moderate drinkers of alcohol, have a strong sense of belonging to some faith-based community, put their families first and belong to healthy social circles.

The Nicoyans also get a good dose of sun and Vitamin B, and their traditional diet comes from the indigenous Chorotega roots based on fortified maize and beans. They also lead a pretty stress-free life. Come to Nicoya to de-stress, get some sun, eat well and enjoy life here!

Guanacaste´s Tropical Dry Forest. Image by GDFCF Guanacaste´s Tropical Dry Forest. Image by GDFCF

2. Tropical Dry Forest

The Nicoya Peninsula is home to the endangered Tropical Dry Forest due to its drier and warmer climate. One of the rarest ecosystems in the Americas and lesser known, the tropical dry forest is also called semi-deciduous tropical dry broadleaf forest that has adapted to the lack of water and higher temperatures.

This wonderful forest is also home to various plants, trees, and wildlife. This includes Costa Rica´s national tree, the Guanacaste Tree, and many others that gift us with colorful flowers when the trees shed their leaves. Many bird species and mammals also inhabit it. Hence, when exploring the dry tropical forest, keep your eyes open as you may well spot a collared peccary, an agouti, or a White-Throated Magpie-Jay.

 Fly straight onto the Nicoya Peninsula. Photo by ICT
                                Fly straight onto the Nicoya Peninsula. Photo by ICT

3. Guanacaste International Airport

The long stretch of coastline is the playground for many visitors who stay in various resorts, boutique hotels, and beachside towns that dot the coast. It is conveniently serviced by the Guanacaste International Airport, which welcomes numerous international flights from the major North American hubs. The flight options increase during the Northern Hemisphere´s winter months as many snowbirds fly south to escape the cold weather.

The Guanacaste International Airport was just recently awarded the best airport in the region by the Airports Council International. It was designated as the Best Airport in Latin America and the Caribbean in the category of fewer than two million passengers. So, your arrival to and departure from the Nicoya Peninsula will also be a highlight of your vacation!

In the far distance, the Guanacaste Volcanic Mountain Range In the far distance, the Guanacaste Volcanic Mountain Range

4. Oldest land of Costa Rica

The Nicoya Peninsula is actually the oldest section of Costa Rica. This is why it is flatter and has no volcanoes like the rest of the country. If you travel further afar than the peninsula, you will notice the difference in climate, topography, ecosystems, and many other characteristics that make the Nicoya Peninsula unique.

First appearing over 80 million years ago in the form of a small island, it grew and finally connected to what is now Costa Rica about 3 million years ago. This is when many mammals began to move onto the Peninsula. The Nicoya Peninsula is now an important part of Costa Rican history, culture, and gastronomy as a favorite destination for many locals and international visitors.

Beautiful white sand beaches grace the Nicoya Peninsula coastline like Santa Teresa Beach
Beautiful white sand beaches grace the Nicoya Peninsula coastline like Santa Teresa Beach

5. Gold Coast of Costa Rica

With all the beautiful beaches, resorts, and activities available, the Nicoya Peninsula has been named the Gold Coast of Costa Rica. Most beaches are white sand, and many remain very secluded, making beach-hopping a favorite for many adventure-seekers. The Nicoya Peninsula and the province of Guanacaste, which covers part of it, are where the most luxurious beach resorts and hotels can be found too.

It is also where companies like Lazy Lizard Sailing offer premium activities to enjoy. Take a tour in the morning or a sunset tour on a beautiful catamaran while exploring the coastline and deserted beaches under the Gold Coast´s sunny, blue skies. This is a fantastic way to explore this stunning coastline and have the chance to swim, snorkel or just sit back and enjoy the ride!