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  • May 21, 2018

Costa Rica Catamaran Tours

Sailing, sun and water, what a great package deal for a fun filled day.

The tropics offer many outdoor activities that allow tourists to begin their day early in the morning, until late in the evening. People come from all over the world to play in the tropics. Everything fun is at your disposal. Visitor’s and natives have the luxury of lazily strolling along white sandy beaches or go water skiing/diving.

It’s during those moments, that you start to think that it doesn’t get any better than this. The islands make sure you have plenty to do, plenty to eat, and plenty to drink.

One of the most fun places to visit is Costa Rica Playa Flamingo Tours. Once you arrive to your destination, you will find that the locals have cleverly designed many different ways to get you to spend additional cash, aside from the package deals you may have received when you initially booked your trip. Costa Rica reaches out to tourist in several different ways. Tourist can opt to take sunset tours of the island or longer more lengthy tours, depending on how much they wish to spend.

Sailing is one of the ways that allow you to get a breath taking view of the islands. You make short attempts to try and soak up as much of the view as you can, before coming back to land. After all you only have a short amount of time to be here and you want to take as many memories with you as possible. So you decide to spend some extra cash on one of the Costa Rica Playa Flamingo Tours , you sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery, sip your favorite drink and soak up the rays of the warm sunshine. You start wishing that time would stand still and the moment would last forever.

You begin thinking that you will never tire of the endless beaches, the souvenir shopping and all of the outdoor activities you plan to do during the couple of carefree days you have left, before its time to pack up and go back home.

Another great island attraction are the many different ways they find to tempt you with delicious looking food. Some of the most exotic dishes are found in the Caribbean, and you want to taste every last one of them. You will return home telling your friends and family that you have proudly and gladly turned yourself into a self-made undisciplined “foodie”.

As the days rapidly speed away, you enjoy what time you have left and begin to make an attempt to observe the locals. How easily you envy them, they are living in a place you consider a type of paradise.

You watch as they take for granted the same things you had to save and work overtime for a whole year in order to enjoy yourself for 7 short days and six nights. You will soon return back home, only to confront the cold chilling winds and slippery snow. The locals will still be here basking in the warm sunshine. Oh if you could just stay another week, just because there is so much more you want to do and haven’t had the chance to explore.

You find that spending so much time in the sun has drained you of strength so you close your eyes and listen to the playful sounds of children on the beach. You are grateful and happy to have these memories and to be able to share them with loved ones via numerous photos and video clips.

You’ve returned to work, you blankly stare at the mound of paperwork. You are remembering the blue waters of Costa Rica. You steal a couple of minutes to mentally plan the next activity.

Sailing, sun and water, what a great package deal for a fun filled day.

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