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  • May 21, 2018

A Heads Up for Costa Rica

This article will discuss basics to know about and expect when you travel to Costa Rica on holiday.

The basic idea of holidaying in Costa Rica embodies the best holiday ever; with perfect weather, perfect surf, perfectly white sanded beaches and a constant smiling people. If you do not plan to go too far above sea level you are guaranteed sun filled days in Costa Rica. Some people may not know what to expect when visiting the tropical country that is sandwiched between coastlines of the Pacific and Caribbean seas. This article will discuss basics to know about and expect when you travel to Costa Rica on holiday.

You can drink the tap water – thanks to a great infrastructure in Costa Rica the majority of the country has safe drinkable water. With the exceptions of cities like Limón and Puntarena, other than these you can safety wash your vegetables and fruits and drink the tap water. Just to be on the safe side though, confirm this with your hotel or host if you are unsure in the area you are staying in.

Wi-Fi – free Wi-Fi is available in almost every restaurant, shuttle, and bus therefore, it is not necessary to pay for an international data plan. In order to communicate with friends and family back home try downloading an application which allows you to communicate over the Internet such as Skype, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger etc. You can literally be connected as you walk through town.

Some travelers stated that it is cheaper to book tours upon arrival to Costa Rica while others find it is best to book in advance so as to avoid overbooking. However, ultimately it is your choice when to book your tour and where from. One tour that you must not miss out on is the catamaran tour in Costa Rica. You will not regret it, it is the best way to enjoy the sea, the sun and view the beauty of Costa Rica. A catamaran allows you to enjoy the sea in a relaxing setting and pace, with no sea sickness, thanks to the stability of catamarans, as you will not feel any turbulence of the sea. Catamaran tours are available in the morning, afternoon and at sunset, where you can enjoy snorkeling, sailing and sightseeing of stunning views for example, the breathtaking open water, small towns and beaches that are dotted along the coastline, beautiful sunsets on the sea. For a more intimate tour you can enjoy a private cruise for a romantic and stunning sunset for your pleasure.

Pleasantries – when greeting someone for the first time in a business setting it is customary to greet the person by saying “buenos dias” (which is good day) and “buenos tardes” (which is good afternoon) and, “como esta” (which is how are you?) before you ask for anything. When greeting someone in a casual setting for the first time a handshake is acceptable, however, more common is the light “air kiss” to the person’s right cheek. Note that it is not kissing the cheek but kissing the air near the cheek; Costa Rican’s are not to be huggers, they only hug their family and close friends.

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