Amazing Restaurants to enjoy at Catamaran tour Costa Rica

What is show us your tattoo

Show us your tattoo is a benefit that Lazy Lizard Catamaran offers to all the peoples that enjoyed the catamaran tour costa rica in the morning or in the afternoon. Around the Tamarindo, Playa Grande, Brasilito Flamingo or Potrero areas, there are many Bars / restaurants with our show us your tattoo sign, when you see the sign show your Lazy Lizard tattoo to the waiter and automatically you will get a courtesy. This is our way to remind our costumer why we are the best Catamaran tour, we continue to think of you even when your done our tour!!

Playa Potrero

Restaurants that will make your sailing enjoyable at Catamaran tour Costa Rica



Bahia del Sol

Playa Flamingo

Hotels that offers a real taste of food in flamingo to make your Catamaran tour Costa Rica a memorable sailing tour!


Playa Tamarindo

While you're sailing through the catamaran tour costa rica and if you are looking for the best hotel in Tamarindo than the below are the top hotels that would make your food experience delightful.

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